Santa Monica's MOTHER NATURE'S ARMY is the live soundtrack to the eco-anarcho-indigenous evolution ("Evolution" not "Revolution"--we don't end up back where we started) since 1989, or possibly 1988. Accounts disagree regarding the date that a gang of anarchist musicians in a Culver City coffeehouse coalesced into L.A.'s most radical political band over the last quarter century, MOTHER NATURE'S ARMY. Nobody has kept track of the numerous musicians who have played with MNA. Many members have deep roots in radical activism in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. Throughout its history, the band has almost always had at least one member who lives in a car. The band prefers to play live, and recordings are rare. MNA's seminal album LIVE AT MAMA'S (1992) premiered on the Los Angeles flagship Pacifica station KPFK in 1993. "I found this music remarkable" (Ariana Manoff, KPFK). MNA's "I Saw Jesus On The 405" became a staple for 200,000 listeners of Ariana's morning drive-time show. The record was used by KPFK as a membership incentive through the 1990s, until the band felt the album no longer represented their sound and pulled it from circulation. It is not known how many copies of LIVE AT MAMA'S are still in existence. For several years, no non-bootleg recordings of MOTHER NATURE'S ARMY were available, and the band could only be seen live. COMING TO GET YOU 2014 first hit the airwaves on KGNU in Boulder in February 2014. "COMING TO GET YOU 2014 is a brilliant long-awaited record that does powerful things for the listener's imagination" (Gavin Dahl, KGNU, Boulder/Denver). ALTERNATIVE RADIO was interested in helping make the new MOTHER NATURE'S ARMY record available to the public, and did a limited first pressing of COMING TO GET YOU 2014 in advance of the Psychorelic Records release. Concurrent with his involvement with MNA, founding band member Bayard Johnson has collaborated in side projects with guitarist Chris Pinnick (CHICAGO, Herb Alpert) & rockamaniac Simon Stokes (the NIGHTHAWKS, SIMON STOKES & THE BLACK WHIP THRILL BAND), co-writing and producing albums with Dr. Timothy Leary ("LSD: Leary Stokes Duets" & "Right To Fly") and with 'last Mohican' Russell Means ("THE RADICAL" 1996), who was the first National Director of the American Indian Movement. Mother Nature's Army is currently playing the longest-running homestand in L.A., assembling weekly at the Unurban since 2007.